If anyone has a mother who was fucked in the mouth by the living embodiment of AIDS and Ebola I apologize for my rudeness. Otherwise to everyone else, I make no apologies or excuses for my statements in the above comic as it is some of the more tame things to come out of my mouth when I’m stuck in traffic. ¬†Believe it or not I tried to tone it down a notch, but there are the poor unfortunate souls who have been with me when road rage strikes and they can attest I’m a horrible human being while driving. Ivory and Kristy I’m looking at you.

One time at 2am stuck on traffic on rt. 280 in Harrison I flipped out so much my girlfriend tried to get out of the car because she was afraid for her life.

Have I mentioned that I have a lot of rage? ‘Cuz if not. Hey. I have a lot of rage. Which will be addressed in another comic further down the line.

The idea for this comic (which happened about 8 years ago) comes from a guy who goes by the name Charlie on a site called Webcomic Underdogs. Who said something like “you should try a longer form story” and at first I was like yea! Then I had a moment to tell myself to figure it out first and that’s how I’m trying to figure out how to tell longer stories that are still entertaining in 3 panel updates. I could absolutely do full page stories (and I’m going to continue the depression one with more full pages) but this is something new and interesting for me so I’ll try it. If it doesn’t work please blame Charlie by checking out his webcomic:¬†http://groovykinda.org/

In other news, our pipes froze and then burst during the arctic blast or arctic buttfucking or whatever last week. Then this week the heater was all like “LULZ” and died on us. So right now I’m fucking freezing, I drew this comic freezing, and I’m tempted to sleep on the computer because it’s the warmest thing in the house. My dick is almost big enough to fit in the USB port.

Be good!