So yea, I’m getting better. Starting to make more art. I put myself on a schedule and Jes is helping me keep it. I’m definitely not back to normal but it’s been about a year since I started publishing it, and I figure I need to keep up with it because it does make me happy.

I also made a collection of the first couple of months with commentary if anyone is interested in it let me know.

I’m definitely going to moving to a once a week schedule for the time being. So let me catch up on everything happening in my life:

1 – I’m transferring stores, so I’ll be working in Philadelphia instead of commuting outside of it.

2 – Jes and I bought a house and while she’s really good with money I’m fucking terrible.

3 – I missed a few days of meds and that isn’t good.

4 – My cholesterol is high and I’m about to be put on medication for the rest of my life which I’m not happy with.

5 – I haven’t liked a single thing I’ve created up until about a week ago.

6 – I’ve performed multiple times with Super Art Fight as the lizard monster Krod! It’s hands down the greatest thing I’ve done in a LONG time. Even when I lose I’m laughing my ass off.

7 – I have to go to the bathroom really badly so I’m going to stop typing and hit publish.


be good.